Autumn play ideas

The Summer holidays have come and gone – school has started for our older brothers and sisters and autumn is underway!

Leaves will begin to fall and the heat of the summer will be a distant memory! It might seem like children can’t spend as much time in the garden but Autumn is the perfect time for them to explore. There is SO much to do during Autumn and we wanted to provide you with a range of ideas for inspiraton on how you can get out and have some fun with your little ones.

Why not have an autumn bucket list? Stick it on your fridge and enjoy ticking them off this season.


  • Gather a selection of leaves, acorns and sticks for them to touch and explore
  • Get messy with some autumn paint colours and make a picture
  • Pumpkin messy play – if they start to have a munch its ok!
  • Autumn Treasure baskets – let them explore their senses with a variety of objects and materials
  • Get their wellies on or if they aren’t walking yet, let them crawl around in the leaves!

Toddlers –

  • Head out on a leaf hunt
  • Gather some autumn coloured paints and create a fingerprint tree or any other picture
  • Make some autumn scented playdough
  • Leaf colour sorting
  • Apple printing

Pre School – 

  • Bake an autumn pie or some spiced biscuits
  • Gather pumpkins to carve ready for Halloween
  • Autumn treasure/scavenger hunt
  • Gather autumn leaves and sticks and make a collage
  • Bake some salt dough autumn shapes

Things you can do together –

Plan a day out for Halloween – use it as an opportunity for your little ones to use their imagination by dressing up!

Find a fireworks display near you and afterwards make firework pictures with glitter

Take a trip to the library and pick out some autumn books!

Go pumpkin picking or a walk in the forest. While you’re there –  climb a tree, roll down a hill into the leaves or become an autumn nature ninja!!

We hope you all have as much fun at home as we will have at nursery this Autumn. Please don’t forget to upload any pictures of what you do to Tapestry – we would love to see them!