Our Curriculum

At Little Scallywags, we share a curriculum between all of our settings that combines a focus of children's development with a love of reading.Staff will use the stages of child development as a tool to help children meet their milestones throughout their journey at nursery. Every child is different and milestones can vary with individual children - some might reach certain milestones very early, others much later. However, our curriculum supports staff to help children achieve these milestones at the rate that's best for them.At Little Scallywags, we truly believe that targets can be achieved most successfully through reading. Staff are passionate about the importance of reading for children - especially in early years, and promote their love of stories, songs and rhymes throughout their daily practice.Our nurseries embed this throughout the setting through a variety of ways - for example, homelink swaps, the nursery libraries and engaging story times.Its never too early to start reading to your little one. Take time to cuddle and enjoy a story together everyday - remember, something very magical can happen when you read a good book :)