Our Nursery Library’s

At Little Scallywags, we want to encourage and promote the love of reading. We understand over Lockdown it’s been hard to keep our little ones entertained. You may have exhausted every toy and book in the house and are looking for ideas how to engage your children. We are able to share a variety of books suitable for all ages. Some even include props such as puppets and song bags.

Despite potential barriers we have faced during Covid’ 19 this year, we want to give children opportunities to read even more by offering these books through our nursery libraries. All of our nurseries have accessible books in reception which are all ‘covid friendly’ and are sanitised regularly.

We enjoy reading different stories everyday at nursery and using our imagination. Different voices, songs and stories that open our little ones mind up to so many things! The children love it here so why not continue this at home?

The older your child grows, the harder it is to find distraction- free quality time. Reading each night is a wonderful way to spend time together. We also know that by reading books aloud to children will stimulate their mind and expand their understanding of the world. Exposing your child to language is  also proven to help expand their vocabulary aswell as develop listening skills. Plus, you get to have fun – what’s not to like?

Please speak to the nursery staff if you are unsure how you can access these books. Happy reading!