Reflection and Training

At Little Scallywags, we often reflect on our own practice and vision. We do this as individual settings as well as a whole company.

We find during the school holidays, nurseries are a little quieter. We take this opportunity to train our staff on some important topics and recap over mandatory information such as Safeguarding and First Aid.

This month we delivered Baby training, Toddler training and Pre School training, where all 7 settings could get together to reflect and share ideas. We focussed on the ‘importance of play’ and ‘quality interactions’ through activities and information sharing. We also looked carefully at our curriculum and our ‘Intent’ when we plan for children in our care.

Managers from Little Scallywags also meet on a regular basis to share information. This month, managers were asked to deliver information to each other on their individual vision for their setting. We spent time talking about what we were good at and our areas for improvement. Managers work closely with the area managers termly to reflect on what is working well and identify areas of improvement. Having this support and inputting regular, achievable targets enables us to continuously improve and create the best experiences for our children at nursery.