World Book Day 2023

At Little Scallywags, children and staff LOVE World Book Day as its a great opportunity to show children how wonderful books really are! As we are always emphasising the importance of reading and extending our vocabulary, World Book Day is a great way of embracing the world of books and have fun using our imagination with our favourite characters.Each nursery offered lots of different and fun ways of bringing books to life this year.Children were asked to participate in book swaps, join our scallywags library, dress up as our favourite characters, engage in activities based around our favourite books at nursery and even get a meet and greet from some famous characters!To involve our families, parents were offered the opportunity to meet us at our local library where we could really lose ourselves in a whole world of new books and encourage parents to sign up, take books home and really help the local community.Little Scallywags work closely with Emily Johnson who holds sponsored events and promotes books for nurseries and schools all around the city. She has visited all of our settings offering parents the opportunity to take some new and exciting books away with them, as well as provide the settings with some great new resources!Please follow her on instagram at ems_beautiful_books for more information.Please take time out of your day to discover the true beauty of reading to your children, and watch their imagination grow right in front of you!