Supporting staff and children’s mental health

At Little Scallywags, we recognise the importance of promoting positive early experiences for mental wellbeing. Staff have a good understanding of their role in supporting children’s social and emotional development by providing warm, safe and caring interactions.

The emotional wellbeing of children is equally as important as physical health. Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with everyday stresses as they grow older.

Staff incorporate this into their every day routine – yoga and dance sessions are proven to be a great hit amongst the children. Physical activity is planned for daily to ensure children have access to the outdoors!

Some of our nurseries have received sessions at nursery from  ‘Relax Kids’ to promote healthy mind and relaxation.

Awareness weeks such as ‘Mental Health Week’ have been used to promote information to parents and staff.

Not only must we recognise and support children’s mental health, but creating a positive working environment for our staff is equally as important. Through coaching and mentoring, our managers are better equipped at supporting their team in their professional development, and by investing time like never before, help individuals feel like they have a say in what happens at nursery.

Regular supervisions are offered with a cup of tea and a biscuit – as everything is better with a cup of tea isn’t it?

Staff well-being baskets are on display daily, for that little pick me up!

Knowing each other’s workload and offering help is a great way to support each other and being aware of when someone may need that extra attention. Sometimes a little ‘Are you ok?’ is all you need.

Staff are rewarded for their hard work – and a simple ‘Well done!’ or ‘Thankyou for today!’ goes a long way.

Please keep a look out for ways of supporting your child’s mental health – sometimes we underestimate the impact of how important it is for our children’s development.