Our change to nursery planning

In September 2019, Staff at Little Scallywags made the decision to change how we plan for children at nursery. After much research and training, we have introduced ‘Little Scallywags Approach to Planning’. Our approach focusses mainly on Anna Ephgrave’s ‘In the moment planning’ aswell as introducing Physical, Literacy, Phonics and Maths planning for appropriate age groups.

Staff will continue to plan focussed activities for children and provide challenging learning opportunities within their environments.

By changing the planning, our intention is to ensure all children are given age appropriate learning opportunities and enjoy learning through play. Staff are under less pressure to complete paperwork and are more present to play with children and extend on learning… in the moment.

All the staff at Marston Green are proud to show off the learning environments they have created for the children. They have spent time focussing on children’s interests and adapting areas of the playroom – adding challenge and ‘awe and wonder’ . Staff want to use these environments to encourage children to take an interest in all 7 areas of learning. All playrooms feature areas such as creative, literacy and areas to develop their physical skills.

It looks so good that I’m sure the staff will equally have as much fun as the children!