We love to read at Little Scallywags!

At Little Scallywags, we understand the importance of encouraging children to experience a love for reading!

We have decided to promote this in all of our nurseries by creating a nursery library. Parents and children have the opportunity to pick a book to take home as often as they like with their very own library card. Books are changed regularly and to fit the interest of parents/children at nursery. For example, via a nursery questionnaire, some of our parents at our Marston Green setting expressed an interest in healthy eating, so some fun recipe books for children to take home were provided. At our Tamworth setting, some of our parents expressed they were struggling to ‘give up the dummy’ or bottle. Managers created a space in the nursery entrance with information focussing on these topics and fun ways that create less stress or pressure for parents.

Aswell as nursery libraries, our book areas have been given that extra bit of TLC to encourage children to spend time in there. Staff regularly dress up as well known book characters to promote an interest and home-link activities based on favourite books are provided for children to take home with their families.

Please join us with our love for reading! It is an opportunity to let your children’s imaginations run and you can be part of the excitement too.