Introducing Awe and Wonder at Nursery

Do you know the true meaning of Awe and Wonder? It is those awesome and ,'magic moments' that wow and captivate children, causing their eyes to shine and their tongues to stick out in deep concentration while leading to engagement with new and wonderful experiences! What better way to do that then with the unexpected snow we had this week!Children (and staff) enjoyed experimenting with the cold weather and playing outside in the snow. In one of our settings we used snow to help us celebrate Holi - a Hindu tradition in India that celebrates the arrival of spring!Many settings embrace 'Awe and Wonder' in many ways relating to children's interests. Cooking, trips out and Science experiments are just some of the experiences we offer at nursery in order to truly amaze children with what's in front of them.When was the last time you saw your child engaged for so long they couldn't pull their eyes away? With these experiences, children¬†become engaged in a way that encourages and helps strengthen and expand networks of connections in their developing brains. During the early years, babies brains form many more connections that the brain will ever need! What can you do to bring Awe and Wonder into your home?!