Supporting children and families on their return to nursery!

We understand that after such a long time away from nursery, children and parents are understandably going to be slightly nervous about returning. Children who may have left confident could feel slightly shy – after all, they have grown up a lot since leaving us in March and may have forgotten how fun nursery really is! It’s our job at Little Scallywags to ensure the transition between home and nursery is as smooth as possible – for some children it’s a very long time to be away from their teachers and peers.

This may have more of an impact for our vulnerable children and families who are used to seeing and speaking to professionals on a regular basis. Managers and our Designated Safeguarding Leaders at nursery are still working with local authorities to monitor the welfare of all vulnerable children in our care. This includes, local authorities, health visitors, family support workers and Area SENCO’s. We want to be available to offer you the support you and your family need on your return to nursery and ensure your child can continue to work towards their targets and next steps- just as they were when they left in March.

We are particularly focussing on children’s mental health on their return as we are aware that children who have stayed at home for a prolonged period of time and had a change of routine could result in difficulties such as behaviour and mood. How a child can react can vary according to their age, how they understand and communicate, their previous experiences and how they typically cope with stress. Staff will show sensitivity to all children returning to nursery after their absence, working closely with parents to ensure children are supported appropriately.

We are also aware that children may have had more access to the internet during lockdown, particularly completing home learning ideas such as phonics. Staff at nursery play an essential role in helping children learn the foundations and safe online behaviour. Little Scallywags will continue to embed E-Safety within the setting, as well as share useful information to parents and children who have not yet returned to nursery.

We would like to share with all our parents, 3 new policies designed to reassure you that we are doing all we can to support children with their return in the best way possible.

If you have any questions after reading the policies, or any other concerns about the transition from home to nursery, please do not hesitate to talk to your manager or key worker.

Childrens mental health after COVID19

Supporting children online after COVID19

Children returning after COVID19