Time for a more natural environment!

Theres been lots of focus on our environments over the lockdown period – particularly at our Marston Green setting. Following on from the nurseries ‘Focussed Improvement Plan’ at the beginning of the year, we collected staff, children and parent ideas to create a ‘Development Plan’ for the year ahead. Staff suggested we change our environments to better suit the needs of the children- and that’s what we did!

After our revamp of the garden, we moved onto our Pre School room. Staff in Preschool had lots of ideas that brought real life resources into children’s play. It is our job to ensure children have access to real life experiences that will prepare them for life after nursery – particularly for children aged 3 and 4, who are getting ready to start school.

This change of environment, and the use of real and authentic resources support children’s natural curiosity and the urge to explore – this encourages great thinking and discovery for children who are at the centre of our practice.

All of our nurseries work from their own vision and ‘Focussed Improvement Plan’ to ensure they are constantly reviewing and evaluating practice. If you would like to see a copy of your nurseries yearly ‘Development Plan’, please speak to your nursery manager where they will be happy to share their future ideas with you. Parents are asked to contribute to our Development Plans through questionnaires and 1:1 feedback.